We’re Fucked

I really hate it when Greek is transliterated into our alphabet. I can hardly make sense of it. I have to take an extra step, and transliterate it *back into the Greek alphabet* before it works. So if you’re writing a book, and you must give us the Greek, then please, *give us the Greek*!


Next, I hate guitar tabs – let the reader understand. Here I am, trying to learn how to read music, and everyone puts the tabs under the staffs. It’s like trying to read one of those stupid interlinear translations. The eye will always go to the English in those; likewise it will go immediately to the tabs.

Oh, while I’m at it, it seems that students no longer learn to take multiple derivatives to find inflection points and test for concavity when graphing higher order functions. Son of a bitch.

How the hell does anyone learn to do anything difficult in this fucking world?!


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One Response to We’re Fucked

  1. sorry about that. there was no other way

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