Stupid Religious Atheists

Apropos of little enough, I still can’t abide ‘religious atheists’ who openly repudiate the Mysteries of the Christian faith, yet desire for all that to attend pleasing rituals and bask in beautiful organ music and other such pomps and works.

Now, I’m what some call a ‘postmodern preservationist’, and while it’s not at all clear what the hell that signifies, it must at least imply that for my house the Eucharist in all its liturgical splendor is the center of the universe. Still, I do much wonder that, a body, happily lacking any faith in in the panoply of the Church’s dogmatic life; indifferent indeed to the Incarnate God whose life, death, resurrection, and ascension is the reason there is anything at all; rejecting I say without remorse all those rituals signify; I do again and again much wonder why such a body would bother with any of it.

Sleep in, read the paper, walk the dog, anything, but don’t waste your time on what for you will be a kitchy experience of a liturgy often poorly done. There is nothing *comforting* in ritual for its own sake, and if you think there is your brain’s gone missing.

PS – Need I point out that none of this applies to the sincerely confused, those who wonder what all the fuss is for, those who are genuinely if inchoately open to discovering something True and Beautiful?

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