The Breakdown of Civilization Continues Apace

So, we live at a corner. Across from our front yard, a car has been stopped by a Sheriff’s deputy. Lights flash, something is happening, I don’t know what. Right in front of our house sits an SUV with wide wire rims, blue and green lights on the undercarriage, the bass rattling the whole neighborhood. Young men stand about, waiting it seems for the driver of the car across the way. The Sheriff’s deputy is right there, so it seems pointless to call ‘law enforcement’ about the noise and the obvious intimidation. One dare not approach the young men, for fear that there might be some sort of ‘conflict’ (but of course, there already is a conflict). We’re simply not allowed to do or say anything that might ’cause trouble’ (but of course, there already is trouble). I for one am sick of this, but have no idea what might be done about it. Again, in a civilized society, one could take out a shotgun and tell the thugs to piss off, but of course, we don’t live in a civilized society. We live in a sensitive society, which is that most self-serving form of decadence. In any case, I’m so sick of the hip-hop, thug culture, with its overt aggression, it’s race-baiting, its debasing of every neighborhood it infiltrates. How to put an end to it, that’s the question. I’ve lost my patience.

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