The Story is For You

Todd Akin is of course serving his purpose as an unwitting useful idiot for the Left. Well, not *him* so much as his *story*, which appears to have legs. It has gone through several news cycles, and yet lives.

As usual, the target market for this story is the Right, such as it is. Once again we’re shown a bonehead with ‘Outrageous Opinions’, told that he is representative of conservatives, and challenged to distance ourselves from him. The only way to go is to creep leftward.

This is why the web is not flooded with headlines like, ‘Conservative Catholic Who Runs Soup Kitchen Offers Reasoned Arguments Against Abortion’. *Not*, mind you, because such creatures do not exist – they do, I’ve met them – but because they serve no purpose. We would not respond with appropriate shame, and so would not creep toward the left.

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