I’m a Fundamentalist. Do I Get a Parade?

By most any contemporary standard, I’m a ‘fundamentalist’. I’m told that I am therefore ignorant and hateful.

To be specific, I’m told that I hate, let’s see, gays; women; liberals; those on food stamps; people who live in New York or San Francisco; Muslims; races other than White; Christians who are not also ‘fundamentalists’; artists; intellectuals; Buddhists; self-proclaimed free-thinking Unitarians; people who watch How I Met Your Mother instead of Blue Bloods; people who like musicals (see ‘gays’); and most anyone else who isn’t a ‘fundamentalist’ or a member of my family; come to think of it, I hate most members of my family as well.

As you can see, a fundamentalist’s hatred is quite ambitious. I do hate those who lack ambition.

Yes, my dear friends, when you imply that ‘fundamentalists’ are ignorant and hateful, you imply that of me as well.

Really, I’m serious.

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