It’s All About Words


Revolutionaries use magic words. They indulge in magical thinking. ‘Change,’ ‘activist,’ ‘equality,’ ‘reproductive health care,’ ‘hate,’ ‘love’ – all these and more have been invested by the revolutionaries with magic qualities.

Counterrevolutionaries are not as practiced in the use of magic words. We can rarely hear them as such. We usually imagine they’re simply words. This is why we failed.


The Revolution must deal harshly with those who refuse to be saved. It does this not by rounding up the reprobate and throwing them in a Gulag Archipelago. That’s so modernist.

No, it does so by so controlling the language that even the reprobate must speak and think in terms and categories given them by the Revolution. The reprobate thus will subtly, yet inexorably, punish themselves for their thought crimes. They will censor themselves. They will come to hate themselves more than even the revolutionaries do.

And through it all, the reprobate will never even notice their defeat.

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