Narcissists of the World Unite!

Seems Narcissism Inc has Chic Somethingorother in its sights. If Chic Somethingorother doesn’t spare their tender feelings, then Chic Somethingorother is manifestly intolerant.


I always say that when I fly off the edge of absurdity into an abyss.

Intolerant, you say. Fine, so be it.

Hatred, you say. I know a thing or three about hatred. You might look harder. Still, if you must hate us we accept. Hate away. W’ve had worse.

You know what’s funny? I rarely patronize Chixandsuch. Can’t remember the last time I was near one.

In short, I don’t want to care. But but but Narcissism Inc has a long reach. They have corporate sponsorship for their tender feelings. It’s a wash.

So I care, but only a little.

Well, we could tell the Narcissists to bugger off, but that would only incite a riot of public sex. That’s what Pride Month is for. If only I were a bishop in pink the future would be lined with platinum and rare earth metals futures.

Where was I? O yes.

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