A Break

It’s time for lunch.

Reading resumes does not help me relax.

Klebnikov is a finer poet than I imagined. We’ll need the Russians, even the Futurist Russian Intelligencia, if we’re to mount a proper counterrevolution.

No, it doesn’t really make a difference if we broadcast our tactics. We must never be consistent.

We must be prepared to turn the world upside down. Only then will we right it.

Who are the Allies? The Vatican, Moscow, Missouri, an assortment of Calvinists, Baptists, Methodists. It’s not promising.

Most on that roster lack a sense of humor, and there is nothing more indispensable in this hour than a sense of humor.

Now, I’m relaxed. It’s a delightful day.

It’s good to take a break from the Apocalypse.

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