The Domestication of Blasphemy

We hear that the faith once delivered is threatened by heresy and moral turpitude. I too have said such things. This omits the one thing needful my friends.

I looked over photos from Gay Pride events. Yes yes, we can say of course that they are blasphemous. But really now, is that the danger besetting us all in these latter days?


They are blasphemous to be sure, but theirs is a domesticated blasphemy. It is a blasphemy that seeks to be affirmed as pious, not in a diabolical plot to destroy piety, but out of a pathetic need for approval. It’s the desire to blaspheme God while nestled in his warm embrace.

Read A. E. Housman. The poet sings pure blasphemy through a precise use of meter and allusion. He nurtures no illusions. His blasphemy is possible only because of devotion and rigor. He courts oblivion, and sings happy in the assurance that the Christian evangel is not only not true but wicked.

That is certainly an arbitrary example. I just happen to have a volume of Housman’s poems and prose at hand. Still, the point is made I trust.

Now look at the prancers and paraders at a Pride festival. To be sure, they have rejected God and all his works, but they don’t want to believe that is what they have done. More important, they want your assurance, especially if you’re a Christian bishop or priest, that they have in fact not rejected God and all his works.

Hence their unctuous pleading for clerical sanction and religious comfort. They are normal, you see, decent, middle class folk with families and jobs. They pay taxes. They even observe the pious rituals of religion. There is no danger there, no brimstone.

It falls to us, on this side of the divide, to use all the outrage several millenia of imprecation and profanity have bequeathed to us, in order to expose the absurdity into which we have fallen. It’s unlikely that the evangel will ever be heard in public again if we do not set about provoking real blasphemy from our enemies.

Oh, you didn’t know they were our enemies? Even your closest friend can be your enemy, but that’s for another day.

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  1. Pondering a response. Thanks for this.

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