Rush’s ‘Clockwork Angels’

As it happens, I too have an interest in reading religious spectacles, like Rush concerts for instance.

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One Response to Rush’s ‘Clockwork Angels’

  1. wmv says:

    To be honest, I am less excited about this album than with Snakes and Arrows. I found myself relistening to a lot of songs long after that CD came out in 2007 and revisiting them in the same period of time than with Clockwork Angels. And even then I don’t Snakes is even in the Top 10 of all Rush albums ever released. The best song is Carnies, it is the most heaviest track other than BU2B and Headlong Flight are highlights. If they album was heavy all the way through it could rival something like Moving Pictures or Hemispheres. But since they got self indulgent with acoustics, sappy orchestra sections, overly dramatic lyrical imagery and rewriting the songs with the same song structures over and over (Halo Effect = Workin’ Them Angels = Nobody’s Hero), (Caravan = Far Cry = One Little Victory), (Carnies = Nocturne), (Wish Them Well = Carve Away the Stone), etc. They tried to do a concept record/piece like 2112 and Hemispheres and weren’t successful. Disguising this concept album was nothing more than Neil Peart’s usual opinions and his ever tired retelling of his life’s tragedies while coupling with literary references from Shakespeare.

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