More Fun with Words

I’m just a Marketing apprentice, mind you, but I recognize the Master’s work when I see it. A woman’s right to obtain safe, legal medical care is breathtaking.

That old standby, A woman’s right to choose, is a good catch-all for the power to kill children when they’re the most helpless, but in this particular debate something extra was needed. To that end, sex-selection abortions isn’t bad. Someone in the room at one point realized that killing children because they’re girls just wouldn’t gain the same traction, so they came up with a decent place holder.

Then someone remembered that safe, legal medical care has played well, and in a stroke of postmodern genius yoked it to this campaign. What does it all mean? Imagine, the ultimate freedom for a woman is the freedom to kill her daughter because she’s not a boy; to deny a woman that freedom demonstrates contempt for her as a woman and cossets her once more in an indifferent patriarchal rule. Like I said, breathtaking.

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