The Show Goes On…

The last couple of days have been an annoying distraction. It’s like this – someone got a hold of my business debit card information, and went on a shopping spree. Seems ‘I’ purchased computers and Magic Jack phone systems in Florida; jewelry from Tiffany & Co in New York (which is a tad on the nose don’t you think?); ‘I’ had need of a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff from a Wal Mart in Arkansas, while simultaneously ‘I’ joined something called ‘’; ‘I’ also spent some time in Idaho and Arizona.

All this happened between the afternoon of the 22nd and the morning of the 23rd. Since then I’ve spent quality time with fraud investigators; I’ve cancelled the card, and, because I had no idea how bad it might get, I spent some time stopping any checks out there and calling everyone to let ’em know the payments would be delayed; there were forms to fill out, and I went through all the transactions for the past month just to make sure all was well.

So, yeah, that happened. And our bed is still broken. And my tire went flat again…but other than that, things are great.

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