An Open Letter to Any Homosexuals Who Might Come Here by Mistake

Yours is a milquetoast rebellion at best. Give the finger to God and man, if you must, and if people don’t like it, well, for crying out loud, don’t whine about it. You’ve chosen your course, you’ve set your face away from Jerusalem – live with it, brave it out. It’s odd, I know, and potentially dangerous to say it this way, but I would rather you just transgressed boldly without giving a damn whether anyone approves or not. Don’t try to change marriage to suit your needs – a futile endeavor in any event. Embrace the nihilism at the heart of your chosen life. Don’t try to imitate us, don’t expect us to approve of you, don’t look to us at all. Dare damnation, if you still believe in God, or at the least court scorn and rejection. There’s at least the mirror image of a virtue in that. All this whining, all this gerrymandering, all this lobbying and marketing to get us to embrace you, to like you, to accept you – it’s pathetic really.

So stop it, stop it right now.

The Management.

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