Not ‘Passed’, But ‘Killed to Death’

You know, when I die, if it’s possible for me to haunt folks, I will indeed haunt anyone who says that I ‘passed away’, or even worse, that I ‘passed’. What the hell is that, anyway? No, I want folks to say simply ‘Thomas died’. That’s it, clean and simple and to the point. If you must use a circumlocution, then I’ll allow ‘Thomas was killed to death’, as long as it’s said straight.

In any case, let us not imitate pagans and atheists in their fear of death.

That is all.

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One Response to Not ‘Passed’, But ‘Killed to Death’

  1. LLB says:

    Why do you single out atheists (and pagans) as being fearful of death? I don’t really see the difference in practice between Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists or animists. Some fear death and others do not, all the while holding that their dogma allows the practitioner to live free from the fear of death. I liked your post excepting that final sentiment.

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