My dear atheist friends,

Do not say of a friend who has died that they have ‘passed‘. Say, rather, that your beloved friend is extinct; that he has winked into nothingness; has gone nowhere; that the universe won’t ‘forget’ him, because the universe never registered his existence in the first place; that he was once an aggregation of particles, and now he is a disaggregation of particles, both equally absurd; that your ‘grief’ is an illusory effect, for you too are an absurd aggregation of particles. Your friend is no more, if he ever was. Your ‘friendship’ was likely an illusory effect as well. You now stand before a corpse, nothing more. In short, your ‘friend’ is dead. Full stop. Say nothing to blunt the reality of the inevitable extinction of all you seem to know and love.

Show your sail of greatness and let us Christian pussies who believe in the resurrection of the dead see how boldly, how bravely, you endure life in the face of its end. Only then will we know you’re serious.

Thanks for listening.

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One Response to My dear atheist friends,

  1. LLB says:

    I think this too is likely a misunderstanding of the atheist position. Not that it is untrue, it is simply incomplete. Meaning is not necessarily limited to “how the universe is” independent of the minds within it. It is these minds that lends an otherwise meaningless universe and existence its meaning. I suspect most atheists would agree with this, even if they disagree on its outworking.

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