The Passion Of Youth That Passeth Understanding

So, the kids at the University of Kentucky ‘went overboard’ in their expression of their ‘passion’. This passion is obviously a good thing, though it always seems to result in mobs of drunken young people torching couches (!) and cars, and generally causing mayhem. I dreaded an OSU victory – God knows what the University district would look like in the aftermath, what with the commendable passion of youth and all.

Let the police kneecap a few of the revelers, and expel for life and imprison for a couple of years everyone found in the melée, and we might see a slight decline in this particular expression of the moral idiocy of youth. In fact, the State of Kentucky should fine the university a couple hundred million dollars and shut down the athletic programs for five years.

As for the police who watched the violence, the less said about them the better.

But then again, I’m just an old man who lacks the passion of youth.

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