Nihil, Mon Amour

If it required demonstration, those last few posts show how irrelevant this here blog is, even by the standards of Blogdom. Not only did I manage to provoke no response at all, but I also pulled in fewer readers than I did with posts about an empty train station in Cleveland.

I want a street fight, the kind with broken glass and hurt feelings, and all I get out there is a ‘conversation’, and a rigged one at that. This fight is over good and evil, salvation and perdition, but how to provoke such a showdown in a world where few imagine they or anyone else can be lost eternally?

Well, I can live with my irrelevance – it’s not really a surprise now is it? What I can’t abide is this stasis. Although we long ago lost, we could at least have one last gallant rush into the breach.

Or we could try that sneaky market manipulation scheme – that would be fun too.

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One Response to Nihil, Mon Amour

  1. Thomas, on the whole blogging – good old-fashioned blogging such as the heyday of ER – is dead. This is unfortunate, but I think indisputable. It has been replaced by the microblogs (facebook, twitter).

    It is fairly unlikely that you will ever have the readership you once had because the scene that made it possible no longer exists. 5-10 years ago, my blog would be flooded with traffic, comments, interesting discussions, etc. But no longer is that really a possibility. The internet has changed. Where bloggers were more or less something of a well-networked secret society, now virtually all blogs are obscure collections of writings, just waiting to be googled upon. I have never given up on Josh @ The Cedar Room’s description of blogging as “performance art.” That seems to be their most sustainable use.

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