To Hell with the New Thing

I keep hearing that ‘God is doing a new thing’ whenever we want to justify some horror, or simply wish to provide a pleasing godlike gloss to our stupidity. Well, God does not contradict himself – he has made all things new in Christ, that is true, but what he said and says will always stand. Apparently those who believe that are ‘hysterical’, ‘loud’, ‘hard’ – whatever. Those who want to pervert the good will always claim that ‘God is doing a new thing.’ I suppose we all need something to get us through the day without going suicidal.

Let me be clear – all this pleasing ‘change’ does nothing but inflict needless pain and sow confusion; ‘youth culture,’ ‘innovation,’ ‘leadership’ – it’s all self-indulgent bullshit; the truth does not change, which is why we do. We simply hate the truth, you see, so we change change change all the time, dodging and weaving and moving in an attempt to avoid the unspeakable truth that never changes. So to hell with the ‘new thing’ – whoever is doing it, it sure ain’t God.

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