Those who wish to end the killing of children for profit and convenience most always ignore reality. We speak of banning the practice, either state by state or through a constitutional amendment; or we place our hopes in the Supreme Court, which in turn means we place our hopes in Republican presidential candidates we assume will pack the courts with justices who will overturn Roe v Wade; or we hope to change the minds of those who would otherwise kill their child, usually through ultrasounds and the like; or we hope an appeal to the heart of one person at a time will create a groundswell of opposition to the practice; or we try some combination of these tactics.

What we fail to see is that the strategy implied by such tactics is itself delusional. Aside from the fact that ‘personal’ distaste for the killing of children does not seem to prevent the electorate from supporting the ‘right’ to kill children, the strategy fails to reflect political and economic reality. ‘Abortion’, as it’s long been called, is in this country the focus of a multi billion dollar Industry. (Consider that Planned Parenthood alone sees about a billion dollars a year.) Think on that for a moment. We’re not dealing with an idea, or an unfortunate choice made by the occasional woman, but a financial Principality. That kind of money buys real and pervasive power, and the first use of that power is the perpetuation of the Industry itself. Change the minds of nearly everyone associated with that Industry, and it will continue as though nothing happened.

To stop the state sanctioned killing of children, therefore, requires not another Supreme Court justice, marked up bill, or march on Washington, but the same sort of cunning and skill in the markets it would take to bring down BP or Beatrice Foods. I dare say it would be easier to take down those corporations, because few people have the emotional or ideological investment in them that people have in the Industry that lives of the killing of children for profit and convenience. To attack that Industry is to attack the perceived ‘rights’ of millions. What’s more, such an attack would be seen as inherently oppressive even by those who neither profit from the industry nor much care for the work it does.

By attack, it should be obvious that I don’t mean physical attacks on clinics and doctors, but rather an intangible sort of assault on the very financial foundation of the Industry itself. The ideal result would be the complete collapse of the Industry, with all those involved thrown into penury on the streets. To make this happen would require staggering amounts of money, which would mostly be used for market manipulation and well-placed bribes. For instance, assume that most of those lobbying for the Industry care not about the truth or falsehood of their claims, but only about the money – one might conceivably buy them for the right price, not so they would produce ‘Pro Life Propaganda,’ but simply to take them away from the Industry. Bribes would be needed for regulators and Industry insiders so that the proper pressure could be applied at the right time, eviscerating the portfolios of the various corporate entities that make up the Industry. You can see how complicated this would become in a short time.

Where in this world would we find the loose cash needed for such a long con, let alone the people with the skills to pull it off? How would we manage to keep such a complicated operation from becoming too public too quickly? I can’t answer those questions. All I know is this, the real problem is the money – they have it, we don’t. Without the money, we lose, end of story. We can continue to press politically for a ban – I do that from time to time, and it is quaint to say the least – but in the end, it’s all about the money. Unless we can find somebody to leverage enough money into a weapon we can use against that multi-billion dollar Industry devoted at its heart to killing children for profit and convenience, there is no hope of stopping them. Not that we shouldn’t fight. We should, but again, we should also be prepared for our loud, very public defeat.

Have a nice day.

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