Looking for a Fight

Over on Facebook, I left some quite intemperate comments to a post concerning in some way a particularly barbaric practice that is not only sanctioned by law, but is even considered to be the manifestation of liberation for women everywhere:

I think it’s time for the gloves to come off on our side…some of us have tried to address arguments and concerns that seemed, at the time, quite reasonable, but all we got was more vitriol – we’re at war with women, we hate rape victims, and so it went on and on…no more. It’s time we pushed this to its logical conclusion. ‘Abortion’ and its attendant euphemisms – ‘choice’, ‘reproductive freedom’ (that one is my favorite because it’s so demonically hilarious) – are ciphers for child murder, indeed child sacrifice. I don’t care how irresponsible men are, nor do I care about circumstantial justifications. We on this side should stop expecting support from Republicans, and we should leave the table and refuse to join a ‘conversation’ about how much state sanctioned murder of children is acceptable. The only acceptable outcome is a total ban on this horrific practice, and the prosecution of *all* those involved. This ‘protest’ in Virginia sickens me. Either the killing of children for convenience and profit comes to an end, or the country can shatter into a thousand God-forsaken pieces. Right now we deserve it.

I confess that the comment was deliberately provocative. I have since removed it, because it would have served no purpose. I repeat it here, because I do want a fight, dammit. So let the fight begin.

It’s troubling that I’ve let myself be so comfortable, so afraid of losing my small fragment of luxury in this world, that I have avoided the fight altogether. Content I’ve been to write my blog posts, express my outrage, all the while trying to take seriously the arguments for a horror that should never have been allowed in the first place. And that’s what we have, right in the heart of our nation, a horror, a vacant blackness, and all the rest – the endless wars, the implosion of our economy, the ‘secularism’ that is really a return of the Old Ones – follows from this embrace of horror. If we refuse to reckon with that, we are lost. And if, dare I say it, if the kind of nation we are requires that we allow such horror, and even embrace it as a good, then this kind of nation deserves to perish from the earth.

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