Good News of a Nietzschean Kind

Just so you know, if we do get a street fight over the killing of children for convenience and profit, those of us who oppose it will lose.

Supporters of the horror have all the money, all the power, and the political patronage to crush us. As much as they like to portray themselves as embattled by the Religious Right, and as flattering as that is to the Religious Right, let us be honest – if there was a Culture War, it’s long over, and the good guys lost. The existence of the Religious Right is in fact proof that those who support child murder are firmly in control. They control the elite universities, have a lock on all the courts, but more important than any of that, they control the very language of the ‘conversation’, starting with the word ‘conversation’ itself.

Consider – ‘choice,’ ‘reproductive freedom,’ even ‘women’s reproductive health’; these simple words killed the anti-abortion movement, because that movement allowed those who are complicit with evil to define all the terms of the so-called debate. A child becomes a fetus, a person is for purposes of law so defined as to rule out of bounds not only the unborn but also those with Downs Syndrome and many of the elderly and homeless as well. In fact, what those who find this horror a light in the darkness won’t tell you is that the very reasons they give for allowing the murder of unborn children will work just as well for the destruction of the elderly, the infirm, the mentally disabled, and all the cripples you care to throw into the fire. They have so twisted language as to argue that the killing of children is a matter of social justice. It is liberation, not murder.

And in fact it is a kind of liberation. The polity that will not simply allow, but sanction the sacrifice of its children has cast off all restraints, and has embraced its fall into nothingness with a Dionysian abandon. All is permitted, and has been for some time. This horror at the heart of the culture has been growing for over five decades. When you consider that Lysol was, in its first use, a kind of ‘morning after cleanser’ to prevent a wife from losing that ‘girlish figure’, you can see how we were toying with the horror even then. Our embrace of that horror in the last movement of the twentieth century made explicit was was implicit all along.

Now, there are those who argue for infanticide as the logical outcome of our embrace of the killing of unborn children. They are being merely consistent. Indeed, I applaud them – they refuse to hide. They say out loud for a non-existent God and for all those who might be persons to hear, that the newly born child is not a person, because a person is defined subjectively as one who can creatively shape their own life. It’s genius, really, though of a diabolical kind. Still, I applaud them – they embrace a world without restraints, without fear of God or man, with the courage demanded of the man beyond good and evil.

The rest who find the killing of unborn children somewhat distasteful, or even unfortunate, but who support it nonetheless either out of sentiment (we mustn’t be mean to the womyn), or for whatever spineless reason, but who think all the same that there can be limits placed on it, well, they are merely the Last Men. They are ciphers, and the wrong kind at that, because they are not transparent to grace and love, but simple zeroes, blanks, revealing precisely The Nothing at the heart of our world. Refusing to embrace with boldness the world beyond good and evil, they seek to warm the cockles of their benighted hearts with the thought that it’s not really that bad out there, that however unfortunate these sacrifices may be, at least they can be contained, brought into order by law, and so made legitimate.

As if Dionysius cares for legitimacy.

So, that’s what faces us my friends – we can either throw in with those who will go beyond good and evil into a world of cruelty and sacrifice for the sake of life without restraints; or we can throw in with the crucified God for the sake of true humanity. Those who choose the later will lose, and they will lose big, because they have indeed embraced a slave mentality, and so they wish to defend the unborn, the infirm, the elderly, the orphan, the mentally disabled, the homeless, and all the other losers who cannot creatively shape their own life.

Those who refuse to make that choice, will have their place chosen for them by those beyond good and evil. That’s how it goes – the spineless will be useful idiots for a while, then discarded when year zero finally comes. We must try not to be too amused by the looks on their faces when they are fed to the fires they helped set with their compromises. For truly, judgment comes for us all.

So buck up – at least you know how the story will end, regardless of which side you choose. As for me and my house, it remains to be seen just how much courage we really have. I mean, this Oolong tea is really quite delightful, as is the $80 tea set.

Oh well, it will be with us as it will be. Let the end begin sooner rather than later I say.

Peace out.

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