Well, That Happened

My trip out west ended in a fog of influenza, sad to say. I ended up flying home from Portland, Oregon, after a delightful visit with one Karl Thienes, a long time virtual friend and former Blogdom resident. I never came near California, and the Pacific Ocean was a remained a distant dream. In fact, this writer spent the last two days or so stuck in a hotel room in downtown Portland, wheezing and downing antibiotics and cough medicine. So ended a great adventure.

Then again, my friends, that is the nature of an adventure – it is indeed a play with chance, and so by definition anything can happen. In any case, events at work would have conspired to bring me back early, as a crisis was churning, a crisis for which I was responsible.

Illness, urgent matters at work, and a new house for the staff of The Pebbled Shore, all demanded my attention – they, too, are part of the adventure.

Anything can happen – that’s a good thing.

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