Reading Reading Reading

It’s time I read Elmore Leonard, especially since I’m told my stories have a ‘Leonardesque’ feel to them.

Dostoevsky remains a constant companion. Right now I’m reading The House of the Dead, that seminal book which shows the way to the Underground and Roulettenberg. Gogol and Pushkin are always around as well; I’ve come to love War and Peace, along with Anna Karenina, but Tolstoy is too utopian to spend time with the likes of us.

Been reading Kant off and on as the mood moves me. His epistemology and metaphysics are those of a pathologically inward recluse. The individual mind is cut off from reality. A Newtonian particle, it floats in a space-time of it’s own devising, free from encumbrances like, you know, other minds. Kant’s reaction to the death of his devoted servant is the key to his whole Copernican Revolution In Philosophy.

That is all for now.

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