Religious Atheists

Oh, and what is with atheists who want ‘comforting rituals’ and the like? It reminds me of Wallace Stevens’s ‘Supreme Fiction’ – we need a great Myth now that we have tossed aside the Myth of God. We will all know the Myth is false, that it is a Fiction you know, and we have a tacit agreement that we will structure our perception of the world around it. That perception in fact will make the world. Thus out of our ‘blessed rage for order’ we will make the world through the Myth projected from our imagination – the Fiction will then be Supreme.

Wallace, like our own ‘religious atheists,’ was content with the falsehood of it all – without the Supreme Fiction, the chaos of the world would overwhelm us. Likewise, it seems our religious atheists have their own rage for order, and have even taken to fashioning their own rituals and observances.

This baffles me. You see, I do not much care for comfort in religion, and ritual in and of itself bores me. Granted we are ritual making creatures, as even the simplest song shows in its very structure, and granted we are religious ‘all the way down’ as the kids say, but that is only good if and only if God the Trinity exists (whatever that means). If he is an illusion, I would just as soon do without all the comforting nonsense. In fact, if it is nonsense, then it can be of little comfort.

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