I Still Don’t Do Movie Reviews

Watched In Time.  It is, how to say it? – not good.  I don’t get the whole transfer of time thing – we touch wrists, twist our arms, and time flows from you to me.  We can also store time in these rather large metal thingamabobs – store time, time in a bottle perhaps.  It’s a trite conceit that allows for a lame allegory of the current class war.

But let’s linger for a moment on the bulky metal containers that hold all that time.  I have here a clip for my laptop – it’s an inch long and about a half an inch wide, and holds more data than all the NASA computers before 1990.  If these geniuses can store and transfer time, you would think that time would be held in some sort of super chip or something.  You would be wrong – apparently metal boxes the size of eight track tapes are all the rage in this super futuristic dystopian future.

Enough of that, let’s return to the class war allegory.

Now, I don’t mind allegories of class wars, but they should show some insight into just which classes have thrown down in the war so signified.  That our current class war is between factions of the middle class, well, that seems lost on almost everyone.  How the hell one would make an allegory of that is a mystery.  In any case, this film gives us the latest spin on the 1% versus the rest – the script was apparently written by sleep deprived protesters in Zuccotti Park in between bathroom runs at the local deli.  As a result, it offers no insight into the very real social disorders Niccol seems to have in mind.

Anyway, bland storytelling, a tired conceit, half-decent ideas tossed at us then forgotten in the hustle and bustle, all make a mess of the thing.  And the heavy hand with which Niccol doles out his allegory leaves no room for that crazy thing called thinking.  O well – let’s have a final thought – the Timekeeper named Leon, played by Cillian Murphy, was the only deeply interesting person in the whole story.  He really should have been the protagonist of the piece.  Imagine the Bladerunneresque possibilities.

Obviously, I refer to Bladerunner without the voiceover…I’m not a barbarian.

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