An Adventure, Part Deux

I mentioned that our furnace had died.  It did not go gentle, my friends, o no – the self destruction was loud and protracted as any death rattle you might imagine.  The motor what’sit more or less came apart.  Hence the terrible pounding heard throughout our home.

Now, it seems that there’s a certain kind of catastrophic failure of a furnace that does not involve a large explosion, but at the time we did not know that, so we might have, you know, maybe, o, I don’t know, we may just have…panicked…a little…you know…like…

Anyway, the thing has since been repaired and all is well.  Curiously, though, it has been freakishly warm in these parts.  And, and, we may get to move later in the month, so all of this was possibly moot for us…

I had a point, but seem to have lost it.  If you stumble across my point, please send it back to me.

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