Simple Questions

Tell me true, why the hell should I follow Jesus? Why should I care about him? Who is he? What difference does it make?

From what I can tell, to suggest, on the basis of the creeds, that some quorum of self-confessed Christians are in fact heathens, is the contemporary equivalent of getting drunk on consecrated communion wine while visiting a brothel. What matters it seems is that we ‘follow Jesus’, ‘struggling’ for a platform that looks suspiciously like it was written by the left wing of the Democratic Party. Hence the hectoring, moralizing tone of much that passes for ‘radical’ thought amongst us putative Christians.

The catholic Church confesses that Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, YHWH in the flesh with all the power to uncreate us, and all the love to save us from the hell we’ve made of this life. If this is false, or if it’s at best irrelevant, then I ask again, why should I give a damn about Jesus, let alone follow him? I really want to know.

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