All Devouring Time, or, Time for New Glasses

Visited the eye doctor today.  My damn pupils were dilated for hours. Seems I don’t need bifocals, but these headaches are indeed because the eyes are a bit more out of whack. New glasses arrive in two weeks, and did I mention that they’re not bifocals?

Been wearing eyeglasses for, what, something like twenty years or so, and each time I get a new pair it signifies that inevitable deterioration that comes with the passing of time.  Now I’m forty three – time yet again for a new pair of glasses.  There’s a lot of gray in the beard, and when I get a haircut, the hair always looks white as it falls in clumps to the floor.  All the young girls I meet call me ‘Sir’.  See, see how it’s all of a piece.

Of course, I’m not yet in the pantaloons, so…

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2 Responses to All Devouring Time, or, Time for New Glasses

  1. paul bowman says:

    Forty-one & some months, myself. Accelerating graying of the beard this past year. Hoping I can get by another few years on the current glasses.

  2. Yeah…42 this month. Bifocals, I’m told, are on the horizon. Huzzah….

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