Something from Augustine

Let’s keep reading Augustine:

‘God is mindful of man, then, in His manifold mercy, as He is of the beasts, for His manifold mercy reaches even to those afar off.  But the son of man He visits, overshadowing and sheltering him with the wings of His mercy, enlightening him with His own light, giving him to drink of His delights and inebriating him with the plenty of His house, making him forget the woes and wanderings of his former life.  This son of man, this new man, is brought forth with pain and groaning through the penance inflicted upon the old,’ On the Psalms 8.10.

The inebriating love of God, and the delight in that love which the new man receives as a gift through the pain of penance, is rather different is it not from the love found in Confessions 7, a love which is rather vague and leads to consideration of God as Unchanging Truth (which he certainly is), but not as incarnate Lord.  For that we have Confessions 9, where a different love is at work, a love Augustine limns so well in his discourse on Psalm 8.

Again, that will have to suffice for now.

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